Lady Gaga fires back at claims of plagiarism!

We would hate to get on the wrong side of Lady Gaga! The singer is reportedly fighting for a $1.4 million payback after she was wrongly accused of plagiarism.

Back in 2011, Gaga was sued by singer Rebecca Francescatti, who claimed the hit single Judas was a rip-off. Rebecca said her 1999 song, Juda, had been stolen by Gaga.

Earlier this year, the case was dismissed, with the judge concluding the two songs sounded nothing alike. He added that the similar titles were "not sufficient to give rise to a finding that the Gaga song has captured the total concept and feel of the Francescatti song.

Now though, Gaga wants Rebecca to foot her lawyer's bill, saying she spent three years and a large chunk of money battling the plagiarism charge.

This isn't the first time the Born This Way singer has faced accusations of copying other peoples' music. Just last month, a leaked song from Madonna's upcoming album branded Gaga a "copycat." 

In the song Two Steps Behind Me, Madonna sings, “You're a copycat, Where is my royalty? You're a pretty girl, I'll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it's an ugly look." Awkward!

Despite the controversy, the singer remains as successful as ever. She is currently on the European leg of her artRave tour, and plays Dublin on next month.