Lady GaGa explains her new music video ‘G.U.Y’


Lady GaGa’s latest music video for her new song “G.U.Y” features many stars from the hit reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lady GaGa explained the reason she wanted the Real Housewives featured in her new video: “Where we have arrived as a society and how we view things in pop culture, and how everything’s become such a commodity so fast that it’s almost as if a figure like Jesus and a figure like Lisa Vanderpump – everyone sort of starts to sit in the same place on your cell phone.”

The 27-year-old singer also commented on her upcoming world ArtPop tour saying she wanted “to push ourselves” on the limitations that many arenas provide. The singer even said that they had to change the structure of some stages in order “…to create runways in a certain way so that people could pass through.”

It certainly sounds like it  will be an interesting tour.