Ladies, take note! Our dance moves are best after one bottle of wine

Dancing on night out can be tricky business.

Some people take to the dance floor like a duck takes to water, while others wouldn't dream of strutting their stuff without a generous helping of liquid courage.

Well it turns out the later of the two might actually have the best moves, because science has found that on average, our dancing skills peak after consuming one bottle of wine – no more, no less.

According to Metro, researchers at The Times have been investigating how alcohol effects our ability to bust a move, and one bottle of wine seems to be the magic number.

Any more than this and “things deteriorate catastrophically.”

For the study, researchers asked 55 people to play a dancing game on the Xbox.

Each participant then asked to track their alcohol consumption throughout the evening – and the result were interesting to say the least.

The average score of the sober players? – 4,400 points. The average score of players six drinks deep? – 6,200.

That's a 50 per cent improvement overall.

However, once players drank over this amount, scores began to fall to a measly 4,000.

David Nutt, professor of neuropsychopharmacoloy at Imperial College London reckons the results are due to alcohol's ability to squash inhibitions.

So, there you have – there's a secret dancing queen inside all of us, she just needs a bottle of wine to come alive!