Kym Marsh lashes out over fiancé ‘sacking’ story


She has found herself at the centre of plenty of controversy over the past year, so we can understand why actress Kym Marsh would be pretty peeved today.

Reports emerged this weekend claiming that the Coronation Street star had sacked her fiancé Dan Hooper as her personal trainer, in a bid to ‘save their relationship’.

An unnamed source told The Mirror: “They were bickering in the gym so she has decided to get rid of him for the sake of their relationship.”

However, Kym had a different version of events, and took to Twitter to angrily deny the claims from the so-called ‘source’.

A furious Kym wrote: “How on earth could I have ‘sacked’ Dan as my PT when he was never my PT in the first place!!!”

Her rep further dismissed the claims in a statement, saying: “Needless to say this story is completely untrue. Kym’s personal trainer is Anthony Bingham and has been for some time. Kym and Dan are very happy in their relationship.”

The story comes just a week after Kym and Dan celebrated what has been a dramatic year together. The couple found themselves at the centre of controversy when they first went public with their romance, just six weeks after Dan split from his long-term partner, Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring.

Waring had publicly blasted the pair at the time, criticising them for being insensitive towards her former relationship with Dan.