Kendall’s Twitter account was hacked in the most insensitive way


Kendall Jenner is the latest young celebrity to fall victim to Twitter hackers – and it's not pretty.

Last night a number of tweets written by mystery hackers appeared on Kendall's feed, including some cruel messages about her father, Bruce Jenner, who is currently transitioning to life as a woman.

​Luckily fans quickly noticed that something was up and the tweets were deleted shortly after.

Among the false tweets was one which read, "My dad got the sec change, he's officially a woman now, we can finally have lesbian sex."

The two users referenced in the tweets, @fuckcynical and @ThyClerk have had their accounts suspended.

As for Kendall, she continued to post to Instagram as usual, sharing a sweet picture of a billboard showing her father as a young Olympic athlete with the caption, "daddyyyy!"



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The 19-year-old has yet to make a statement about the hacking, but given her reaction when Us Weekly posted false quotes from her about Bruce's sex change a few weeks back, we reckon she must have been pretty furious.