Kendall slams ‘perv’ photographer, yet still does this?


Kendall Jenner was at an event celebrating Miley Cyrus’s V Magazine cover on Wednesday night, and she was wearing a dress that showed a whole lot of leg. Which is fine, but when one man angled his camera to take a photo up her skirt, she was understandably annoyed.

Or so she says. Instead of ignoring the photo, she posted it to her Instagram account with the caption “perv”.

As many fans have pointed out, had she not done this, no one would have seen the photo. So is she really all that bothered?

We think not. You don't see Jennifer Lawrence tagging herself in those nude photos so that she can shame the guy who took them, because that just defies all logic.

Those Kardashians, eh? Big believers in the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ mantra! Where would they be without it?

Still, nice dress! We'd probably opt for a pair of tights ourselves though!