Kanye West has been hacked in the best way EVER


Kanye West has long been a source of amusement to the internet thanks to some frankly hilarious things he has said and done in the past.

Now, he is being trolled hard as hackers have made it so that when you search loser.com in your internet browser, Kanye’s official Wikipedia page pops up.

It wasn’t too long ago that Kanye re-enacted his famous stage interruption stunt, jumping on stage when Beck was awarded album of the year. Although he has since apologised, it seems the world isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget.

Kanye also took the time to apologise to Bruno Mars, admitting that he used to hate on him. We're sure Bruno was very appreciative of your respect, Kanye. 

For now, at least, Kanye’s legacy lies in loser.com. We have to admit that we’re not sure he has anyone to blame but himself.