Jake Gyllenhaal’s incredible Southpaw transformation


Jake Gyllenhaal plays Billy Hope in boxing movie Southpaw, which will be released later this year.

The film is about a successful boxer who gradually begins to lose many of the important things in his life. His wife is played by the gorgeous Rachel McAdams. 

His role as the boxer didn't come easily, Jake's trainer Terry Claybon has revealed. 

The trainer told Yahoo Movies: “I wanted Jake to learn how to box so he wouldn’t be out there on the set trying to act like a boxer.”

He has also admitted: “I pushed Jake to the limit.”

He started training six months before filming even started. He started training for three hours a day, which moved up to six hours. Then after a few months he was doing 2,000 sit-ups a day. Eventually, Jake gained 15 pounds of muscle. This was a massive step-up for the actor considering he had dropped 30 pounds last year for his role in Nightcrawler

His physique wasn't the only thing that needed to be worked on for the movie, the actor knew very little about boxing. Luckily though, his trainer has said that: "Everyday, he was eager to learn more and more about the sport."

Jake was put on a strict diet and exercise routine, he also spent time in the ring with professional boxers and watched real fights. 

We cannot wait to see this movie.