It looks like a fat-dissolving cream has been found


It looks like scientists have come up with an idea for a cream that could potentially dissolve fat in the body.

The findings came about while researchers were studying baldness and realised that hair follicles release chemicals that cause fat to shrink or expand.

The team lead by Professor Fiona Watt of King’s College, London discovered “that chemicals released by the hair alter the fat underneath” which means the production of new fat cells can be controlled. They believe the cream could be used to dissolve fat.

Professor Rodney Sinclair of the University of Melbourne and a dermatologist at Epworth Hospital envisages  it as an alternative to liposuction or a way to replace lost fat in scar tissue.

Talking to the Telegraph, the Professor said: “The specific chemicals identified in this study could be produced synthetically and used in creams for topical application to the skin to modulate growth of fat beneath the skin.”

However, he does add that his “interest is in hair” and says “how the findings are applied to fighting obesity will be up to others to some degree.”

Not sure how we feel about a fat-dissolving cream if we’re honest.