Irish activists swallow abortion pills during demonstration.

It's been two years since the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar who passed away in University Hospital Galway after being refused a termination due to Ireland's abortion laws. Savita's death led to both national and international outrage and it remains in the public's consciousness, as we saw today, when a trip to Belfast was held to mark the two year anniversary of her death.

30 women and pro-choice TD's travelled up North on the 'abortion pill train' in a bid to highlight the fact that a 'safe, non-surgical abortion pill' exists and that the women who have been forced to source abortion pills on the black market are being put in unnecessary danger. Rita Harold of ROSA (Reproductive rights against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) is determined that Irish women should no longer be put in danger or make the emotional and costly journey to the UK to terminate her pregnancy when "a safe and less costly option could be provided through medical abortion pills prescribed by GP's."

In what some may see as a controversial move, TD Ruth Coppinger was among some of the women who took the abortion pill and maintained that they are safer than driving or taking viagra. The trip has faced criticism from Pro-Life campaigners with Caroline Simons saying: "The groups involved have no regard for the humanity of the unborn child and no interest in drawing attention to the fact that abortion has significant negative mental health consequences for many women."

A candlelight vigil and silence is due to be held in memory of Savita.