‘Less confident’: Mrs Hinch warns fans not to be fooled by glow ups

We all have that one celebrity we'd love to look like, whether that's Selana Gomez, Kim Kardashian or Maura Higgins. In our eyes, they are completely flawless, but cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has warned fans that being beautiful isn't what it is all about. The influencer shared a series of photos from her younger years on Instagram and we'd barely recognise her.

The mum urged her followers not to be fooled by glow ups, because they really aren't as amazing as we may believe. Having crystal-clear skin and gorgeous locks isn't the be all and end all. "Yes this is me in each photo guys. I’ve been Looking at my photo albums tonight and it got me thinking."

She explained, "The image may change but truth be told , if anything , I feel less confident now than I did back then.


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"Don’t be fooled by these “glow ups” guys. Please don’t focus on anything other than whats inside , because that’s all that really matters," she warned.

She told her followers that being confident and happy on the inside is the most important thing, "Without feeling happy on the inside , no amount of “glowing up” on the outside will help , Trust me on that one."

Her best friend Stacey Solomon praised her for being so real, "Sooo beautiful inside and out… this proves you’ve always been soooo beautiful."


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Love Island star Dani Dyer added, "You are so amazing."

Another wrote, "Beauty is only skin deep x It’s what’s inside that’s count."

"It doesn't matter what you look like Soph, your happiness is what makes you beautiful x" one added.

Sophie's words of wisdom will certainly help so many people.