How unsuccessful dieting comes down to ‘eating personalities’

You’ve probably been blaming your lack of will power every time you break your diet, but new research shows that the relationship you have with food actually depends on your ‘eating personality’.

Apparently, the main cause of our failed diets is not that we didn’t have will power; instead, our dieting downfalls depend on whether we’re ‘rushers’, ‘pickers’ or have another type of ‘eating personality’.

‘Rushers’ are women who don’t make great diet choices because they don’t have enough time – they usually resort to ready-made meals.

‘Pickers’ snack in between meals, while ‘bingers’ are the ones who starve themselves for ages and then down a colossal amount of food in one go.

Other personalities include ‘comfort eaters’ who use food as a reward, ‘socialisers’ who eat huge amounts when out with friends and ‘settlers’ who put on weight when they’re in a relationship.

Dieting just became even more complicated…