How to use your clothes to look slimmer


Regardless of your body shape, there’s always a way to make people think you’re slimmer than you actually are. Clothes can give a woman the shape she wants – it just comes down to wearing them the right way.

  1. Before anything else, comes a good base. The right underwear will bring out your silhouette and suck in any unwanted fat.
  2. As you know, the classic all-black everything never fails when it comes to making you look slimmer. So if you’re unsure, just go all black.
  3. You could also try accentuating your waist with a thin belt or a tight corset. This will create an illusion of a curvy figure and a very thin looking waist.
  4. Wearing body-lengthening clothes can also help give you a slimmer figure. So if you never liked maxi dresses before, we reckon you make them your best friend.
  5. Also, the further you are from the ground, the thinner you look, so throw in a pair of heels after you’ve put everything together.