How to achieve a Golden Globes vintage hairstyle


The Golden Globes is not just about winning awards and wearing dramatic gowns – it’s also about hair

This year, it was all about the vintage look, with Taylor Swift wearing  glamorous thirties waves while Zooey Deschanel rocked a fifties-inspired side sweep.

Fancy having a go? Just grab your rollers and follow celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill’s tips:

Taylor’s waves:

  • Apply mousse to your damp hair and then set it with rollers
  • Let your hair dry completely either naturally or use your hairdryer.
  • Once dry, use a natural bristle brush to brush out the roller marks and use your fingers to smooth and push your hair into waves and curls.
  • Leave the waves long and loose if you prefer, or use fine pins to keep the style close to your head.

Zooey’s updo:

  • Apply mousse to damp hair.
  • When drying your hair, get as much volume as possible.
  • When dry, put some large Velcro rollers in the crown area and leave for a few minutes. Comb through and create a soft parting to one side. Take your hair back into a loose pony tail and twist it around until it loops back on itself.
  • Secure with pins.