Students! Rosemary could be the key to better exam results


Remember those all-nighters, last minute cramming sessions and caffeine-induced panic sweats. Yeah, exam season can be a stressful time.

As students, we would have tried any quick-fix that promised better results, and so we're only raging this little trick wasn't making headlines a few years back.

Students, we give you – rosemary. 


Holland & Barrett have reported a huge surge in sales of rosemary after a study carried out by Northumbria University revealed that exposure to the herd could boost memory.

According to The Independent, demand has been so high that stores have had to order in extra supplies. 

As part of the study, students were put in a room that contained the aroma of rosemary in the form of an essential oil. Researchers the discovered that those student preformed between five and seven per cent better in memory tests.

Researcher, Mark Moss, said, “It could be that aromas affect electrical activity in the brain or that pharmacologically active compounds can be absorbed.” 

This isn't the first time a link has been made.

In fact students in ancient Greece used to wear rosemary garlands during their exams. 

Who knew?