Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been suffering from a brain tumour


Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has revealed she's had a year-long battle with a brain tumour.

The 44-year-old had treatment for a non-malignant growth in her pituitary gland back in January, and has joyfully revealed it has finally cleared.

However, the socialite told The Daily Mail that when she received her diagnosis, she feared for her life.

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“I went to the doctors to talk about my latest blood test results when I got back from skiing in January. I said: 'What does this mean? Can you translate it?' And the doctor said: 'As I suspected, you have a brain tumour'.

“I got terribly frightened. I started thinking, 'I'm going to die, I'm going to die. I've only got a couple of weeks to live.' Stuff like that.

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“I actually feel very lucky. My growth was non-malignant but it affected the production of prolactin [a hormone]. I’ve been with people who have malignant brain tumours so I don’t want to be like, “Hey look at me”.

“I have been luckier. I’ve taken medication and thankfully, it seems to have gone away for now.”

We're glad Tara has made it through that battle.