Good news: Brax is returning to Home And Away!

Great news for any Home and Away fans, Braxton is set to make a return to the Australian television series in the coming months. 

The hottie was spotted on set in Summer Bay, but it is not yet confirmed how long he will be returning for. 

Steve Peacocke who plays Brax was supposedly killed off in a car crash in June but it seems his secret is going to be revealed. 

During an interview with The Sunday Telegraph the actor said: "It will be an interesting ­little twist. While Brax is in the Bay it will spice things up a bit, I think.

"I can't say anything about what is going to happen, but it is something the audience is going to love, which is part of why I thought it would be a nice book end. It is a cool story and it's going to pack a punch."

It seems the actor is more than happy to return to the show he has been working on since 2011 and he said the series helped launch his career. 

"The show has been so good to me in terms of launching my career, so it is just something I always wanted to do – if there was any way I could be a part of something in the future."

"It is a nice little surprise. It was a good story the producers put to me, so I thought it is a nice way to see everyone for a bit.

When Brax left the show, he was presumed dead by the population of the Bay, but his sister Billie was the only character who knew he actually had just decided to leave Summer Bay.