Going on holidays takes a lot of effort


It seems pre-holiday prep is just as important as the actually holiday and just as expensive.

Nobody likes to look less than fabulous and tanned on the beach and it seems more and more people are heading to the tanning booth or the hairdressers before hopping on the plane. With our pasty skin it’s not really surprising, if we’re honest – nobody wants to look less than fabulous in a bikini.

However, it’s not just us ladies who are doing a lot of holiday prep.

A survey conducted by Hotels.com has revealed that Irish men and women can spend up to €150.00 getting ready for their holliers.

The poll revealed that 70% of those surveyed will head to the hairdressers or beauty salon before their holidays in their quest to look nothing but gorgeous in the sun.

However, while most people are now more sun savvy, revealing that they wear suncream, a quarter revealed they use sunbeds before heading away.

Holiday prep is definitely worth it!