Give period pains the heave-ho with these handy food cures

Period pains are definitely something we can all live without.

But adding certain foods to your list of PMS pain relievers can help you ditch the hot water bottle for a while.

Yogurt: According to some research, women who consume four servings of dairy such as yogurt a day experience 30 percent fewer PMS symptoms.

Salmon: Fish is rich in vitamin D, which has also been shown to ward off symptoms of PMS. Experts say that women who eat lots of salmon and other oily fish deliver 530 IU of vitamin D, plus calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which help calm cramps.

Avocado: If seafood isn’t your bag, this protein-rich fruit is an excellent substitute. It’s also filled with potent omega-3s.

Oysters: Not just an aphrodisiac, oysters are a great source of iron, filled with omega-3 that can help make cramps a thing of the past.

Lentils: The complex carbs found in lentils help boost serotonin, the chemical in your brain that helps you feel more relaxed and less grouchy.