Giuliana hit with further controversy after public apology


One would think that Giuliana Rancic’s horrible, no good, very bad week had come to an end – but not so fast…

Days after making offensive comments regarding actress Zendaya’s hair on E!’s Fashion Police, Giuliana was forced to make a public apology.

It has now been reported that the TV presenter was actually told on three separate occasions on three different tapings NOT to say what she said about Zendaya’s hair.

A source for US Weekly has said that her Fashion Police co-star Kelly Osbourne warned Giuliana not to say the offensive comments, reminding her co-stars that Zendaya is a friend of Fashion Police, having appeared numerous times.

However, E! have denied that three tapings took place, saying: “There was only one take of Giuliana’s comments. Kelly did let the group know Zendaya is a friend of hers.”