Get yourself organised with these simple life hacks!


With 2015 finally here, you're probably planning ahead for the next twelve months – so what better time than the present to start organising your life?

If you're the kind of person (like us), who feels there's just not enough hours in the day, then maybe it's time for an overhaul.

Let 2015 be the year you take control of your life!

Here are some simple tips…

1. Write things down!
We don't mean scrawling that phone number on a napkin or on the back of a bus ticket – keep a notebook or diary in your bag and use it to jot in important details like plans and numbers. Those people who always remember to send a card on your birthday? They write things down! If you're not bothered carrying round a paper and pen, use an app like Evernote on your smartphone, or simply make use of the Calendar and Contacts functions.

2. Have a home for everything
Stock up on storage boxes and clean out your drawers, and ensure everything you own has a home. It doesn't mean your apartment suddenly has to be sparkling clean all the time, but simply that you have a good idea of where to find everything, and that you don't just fling your keys in a random spot when you arrive in the door. If you're forgetful, use labels to remind you where things should belong.

3. Declutter regularly rather than waiting for the big spring clean
As with anything in life, it's much easier to do small regular tasks than letting things build up. Clean things out every so often – from your handbag, to your make-up bag, to your wardrobe and drawers. 

4. Don't be fooled by bargains
Ok, those half-litre bottles of shower gel are 3 for 2, but all you came in for was one small bottle. It might seem like great value, but you'll probably end up coming across the 2 leftover bottles a year down the line having totally forgotten about them. Avoid clutter by only buying what you need, and stocking up only be reasonable amounts.

5. Don't have a "miscellaneous" box or drawer
We all have that one drawer full of random things, from tax forms to plug adaptors to old school photos. Next time you clear out, make an effort to give each of those things a rightful home and use the drawer for more efficient storage space.