Georgia May Jagger’s campaign accused of being ‘degrading’

Georgia May Jagger’s latest campaign for Italian designer, Cavalli, has caused great offense to Sufi Muslims, due to it’s use of symbols in it’s advertisements.

Jagger is pictured only wearing a bra for the new designer’s new fragrance, Just Cavalli.

But what has caused the most offense to Sufi Muslims, is the H-like symbol on Georgia’s wrist and neck, which is shaped similarly to a Sufi symbol that represents “Allah”, or God – a sign of love and unity.

Protests took place last week as part of a global campaign to have the symbol removed from the label’s campaign.

Despite protests Cavalli has insisted that it’s the same symbol he has been using for all of his campaigns since 2011. It seems the EU is also on Cavalli’s side after Sufi Muslims called for the symbol to be removed from previous campaigns.

A spokesperson for Cavalli said that the label is “deeply saddened by the distress expressed by” the Sufi community, but hopes that the EU ruling will “convince the Sufist religion of the complete good faith and the groundlessness of their requests”.