Geordie Shore star slammed for “disgusting” weight tweet


Uh oh! 

There is so much hype around the Geordie Shore girls and their weight transformations the past while, but a recent tweet from Marnie Simpson did not have people pleased with her.

The reality tv star tweeted "9 STONE. Great." next to a sad face emoji which caused uproar with many of her followers who claimed that she was setting a bad example for young girls.

One tweeted "Why feel the need to tweet this? Poor example to be setting to young girls these days."

Another responded with "Are you actually kidding me? You're an adult not a 14 year old girl! 9 stone is a good weight!" 

Marnie's friend, Geordie Shores Sophie Kasaei then replied to the original tweet with "Lets go gym now skun," with Marnie replying "Meta fit tonight."

Marnie had told Now "Before Geordie Shore, I had a real problem. I was obsessed with what I was eating. It took over my life and I wasn't happy."  

She then added "I got over it, though, and I'm enjoying my life more than ever. I'm a size 8 now, but if I can't fit into a size 10, I start to worry. Crisps are my downfall!"

She revealed this year how she lost 17lbs and seemed to be happy and confident about her weight. 

The Geordie Shore star has not yet commented on the massive response to the tweet.