Gardaí save woman from drowning after car slides into river in Limerick


It has been reported that two Gardaí have rescued a woman from drowning in her car, after skidding into a river last Friday.

Shortly after 7pm on January 9, Gardaí in Rathkeale received a report that a car had gone into the River Deel at Newbridge in Askeaton, Co. Limerick.

Gardaí were told that the car had skidded off the road and ended up in the river, with water rising into the car. The water had risen to waist level and the significant current in the river resulted in the driver not being able to open the door of the car.

Garda Michael Hally and Garda Andrew Maher rushed to the scene where they saw the car in the river and a woman sitting in the driver’s seat in a distressed state. The Gardaí then entered the freezing cold water and brought the woman to the riverbank.

Emergency services attended and carried out a check on the lady who was shaken but luckily suffered no injuries.

Speaking today, Inspector Andrew Lacey said, “Michael and Andrew deserve tremendous praise for their quick actions in coming to this ladies aid. Keeping people safe is at the heart of everything we do and this is another great example of our commitment,” especially given the harsh conditions, with temperatures falling below zero degrees.

“At all times of the year we should take care on the roads, but lately we have had icy conditions which require drivers to take extra precaution on the roads. Ensure you leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front and avoid harsh braking and harsh acceleration. Make sure your vehicle is winter ready,” Inspector Lacey advised.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said “I just really want to thank the two Gardaí, Michael and Andrew, The Fire Brigade and the Ambulance Services for coming to my rescue. Without their help, who knows what could have happened to me.”