Fuel your body with these five energising foods!

When it comes to maintaining good energy levels, getting enough rest isn't the only thing to keep in mind.

Diet is another very important factor in improving brain and metabolic functions, so if you're feeling sluggish and tired despite getting enough sleep, a change in your eating habits could be the solution.

Refined white carbohydrates and high-sugar foods are all energy sappers, and are ones to avoid if you're hoping to get that spring back in your step. So what to eat instead?

Here are a few natural energisers to include in your diet…

1. Raw nuts
Nuts help our body to convert sugar into energy, so they not only fill you up but help your metabolism to work more efficiently. Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are great snack options – stick to around a handful a day.

2. Avocados
Avos are rich in healthy fats which our body loves to use for energy rather than storing up. Slice one into a salad, spread on a slice of toast with cracked pepper, or smash with lime juice, chilli, onion, tomato and coriander for an easy guacamole dip. 

3. Kale
Kale is the world's latest wonderfood for a reason! This "brain food" is full of manganese which helps to improve focus and alertness. Kale is also packed with amino acids which give us a natural "pick me up" after eating. Win!

4. Citrus fruits
Crammed with vitamin C, citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, tangerines lemons and limes are great for increasing immunity and building up our bodies endurance. If you're not a fan of tangy citrus, strawberries, mangoes and kiwis are also great choices for a vitamin C boost.

5. Green tea
If you're trying to cut down on standard tea and coffee, green tea is a good replacement. It still has a small amount of caffeine but is full of antioxidants which will leave you feeling brighter, and may even help with weight loss.