Former Big Brother star reveals drug use and homelessness


Appearing on Big Brother back in 2006, Pete Bennett made a serious impact on the show and even ended up winning the entire competition.

However, things began to go wrong for Pete not long after the show ended; not only did his relationship with co-star Nikii Grahame come to an end, but he tragically lost a lot of friends over the years.

Telling Jeremy Kyle about how his life began to spiral out of control, Pete said: “It all kind of went wrong, it didn’t go to plan … I was homeless after having so much money … I was addicted to ketamine. I went to get proper help for my addiction.”

Going to get help for his issues, Pete said he was told his drug use was down to not dealing with the tragedy in his life: “He [therapist] asked me about loss and I told him about all my friends that had died … I’d been taking K and being disassociated with it.”

Thankfully, Pete is now on the right track and says he has big dreams for the future: “I’ve got into acting and I’ve got into films, my Tourette’s has calmed down … Hollywood is next!”

Good luck to Pete and well done to him for getting the help he needed.