Forget passwords, your face will be the next thing to unlock your phone

Gone are the days of having to press the '#' key to unlock your Nokia brick phone.

It seems like we're heading into the future faster than ever, as Apple is looking into facial recognition technology for security purposes.

So, instead of using a password or Touch ID fingerprint scanner, we'll soon be able to unlock our phones with our faces.

How high tech.

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Bloomberg reports that Apple wants to improve its security systems, and it seems facial recognition is the way to go.

If it perfects the structure, the publication claims that you will then be able to log in and out of apps, as well as authenticate payments via a scan of your face.

It will be powered by a new 3D sensor, as well as eye scanning technology.

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However, Bloomberg notes that it will not be like the Samsung eye scan which was able to be tricked with a photocopy of a person's eyes.

We're just wondering if the facial scan will still recognise us at 7am on a Sunday morning after a night on the town…