Footballer leaves TWO girlfriends at home… to get married

It has been claimed that Premier League footballer, Papiss Cisse, got married abroad without telling his TWO girlfriends back home.

The 30-year-old Senegalese star married international volleyball player, Diallo Awa, in Paris last week, after only a short time together.

 His love-interests at home in England, Rachelle Graham and Natalie Gibson, were none the wiser.

Ms Graham, 24, has now explained that when the Newcastle player initially failed to reply to her messages while away, she became worried. After some online investigation, she then discovered the pictures of his wedding.

Admittedly, the pair had an on/off again relationship which they officially called quits on last year.

But according to Rachelle, who was named Miss Newcastle in 2012, they had being spending a lot of time together recently and it seems she was hopeful of permanent reunion.

Certainly, she had no idea he was engaged to someone else.

According to the Daily Mirror the footballer, who earns an eye-watering €55,000 a week, was also dating another 24-year-old: Natalie Gibson.

It has been reported that Ms Gibson told a friend: “I knew nothing about it until I saw all the reports."

She is said to have added: I thought we were going out together and I had no idea he was going to get married in France – and certainly I knew nothing about any other girl. It was a terrible way to find out.”

Beauty queen Rachelle took to Twitter to explain her devastation about hearing the news – and to defend herself against those who claimed she was only dating the footballer for his money.

However, a friend of the football star was adamant that he was not in a relationship with anyone else at the time of his marriage.

“Papiss was not seeing that girl, despite what she says,” they stated.