“F**k off!”: Michelle Keegan caught letting rip at Mark Wright


They’re usually very primped and posed, so it was fun to see Mark and Michelle put the pouts away and be themselves in this video.

And it really did make us giggle.

The love birds were letting their hair down to do a spot a kayaking, when Mark felt a little mischievous and started winding Michelle up.

While Mark shakes the canoe from side to side, Michelle can be seen trying very hard to keep her temper – but it’s no use. After an attempt to hit him with her paddle, she eventually snaps at him, telling him to “f**ck off,” while he laughs helplessly behind her.


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It was all in good spirits and Mark posted the video to his Instagram account later, saying: "Here's the unedited version… When she really bites! She's gonna kill me! #banta #loveit,"

The pair have been documenting their Caribbean holiday on social media – we really hope to see more hilarious videos like this!