Five ways to reduce cellulite on your legs


Cellulite is one beauty woe that can affect anyone – no matter what size you are. Even Beyoncé indulged in a bit of photoshopping the other day, which we can only assume was an attempt cover up a bit of cellulite.

While it would be one heck of a job to make sure your legs are 100% cellulite free, there are things you can do to reduce it.

Cut out salt
Salt is cellulite's BFF. It may make everything that much tastier, but it makes your body retain water, aswell as toxins, which cause cellulite. You can replace your normal table salt with Himalayan sea salt as it’s natural and aids in hydration and metabolism.

Purely losing weight won’t help you get rid of cellulite, but toning up will. Cellulite looks worse as muscles decrease and get further away from the connective tissue, so by building muscle and keeping it tight and lean, you can combat the dreaded ‘orange peel’ look. You’ll also be reducing fat and sweating out all those toxins too.

Brushing the skin
By investing in a body brush, and using it every time you’re in the shower, you’ll be stimulating the lymphatic system and aiding the elimination of toxins. Brush in circular motions on any areas with cellulite for about a minute to start with (as the brushes can be a bit rough and may cause sensitivity). When you get used to it, brush for a few minutes at a time.

Cellulite is caused by toxins, so a good detox goes a long way in helping to get rid of it. Try to eat more alkaline foods such as root vegetables, leafy greens, lemons, garlic and cayenne peppers. These foods attract out old acidic waste from your body, and improve the appearance of your skin.

Drink more water
Is there anything that drinking more water can’t help? Try to drink a glass of water in the morning rather than your tea or coffee as it speeds up your metabolism and gets rid of those toxins first thing.