Confusing wine terms explained

Wine can be confusing and since there are so many new wine bars opening up everywhere, we decided to do a bit of research. We’re totally going to look clever the next time we order a glass of white.

Here are five words you’re most likely to hear in relation to wine.

1. Breathe
This is when a bottle of wine is opened and left to “breathe” for a certain time before drinking. The purpose of this is to allow the wine to interact with the air, which apparently mellows out the flavours and lets the aroma develop.

2. Decanter
Decantation separates any sediments that may be in the wine, particularly reds. The decanter is the name of the vessel the separated wine is then kept in.

3. Nose
This is simply the smell (aroma or bouquet) from the wine.

4. Old world wine
Old world wines are the wines that originate from countries typically associated with wine production. Think France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc.

5. New world wines
New world wines are wines that are produced in countries less associated with wine production historically, such as the US, Australia, New Zealand and South America or South Africa.