Feline fans rejoice – Ireland’s first cat café will open in 2015!

If you've ever felt that your café experience would be greatly improved with the addition of cute and cuddly animals, well, your prayers have been answered.

Ireland is following in the footsteps of London, Vienna and Amsterdam with it's very own cat café – where guests will be able to enjoy their tea and coffee while playing with all manner of feline friends.

Crazy Cats Café launched its Facebook page last month with plans to open for real next year. Creator Georgina O'Neill is currently on the hunt for prospective sites in the Lucan area of Dublin.

Georgina says she got the idea when her brother returned from Japan with pictures of a similar café he'd seen there. She hopes to source kitties from a cat charity, which will in turn receive some of the profits from the business.

The world's first cat café opened in Taiwan in 1998 and the idea soon spread to Japan (of course). Since then, they've popped up in loads of other cities worldwide.

The Crazy Cat Café definitely won't be short-staffed anyway – Georgina's already received around 70 CV's.