Fans react as Love Island first look confirms explosive recoupling

The Love Island drama continues!

Fans of the hit ITV reality show have been reacting to the latest daily teaser, which is hinting at an explosive recoupling.

Earlier today, the producers behind Love Island took to social media to share a first look trailer for tonight’s episode, which sees the Islanders being told to gather around the firepit.


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There, they are informed via text that they must take part in a recoupling, with the girls getting their choice of partner this time. However, as the newest arrivals, bombshells Konnor and Matilda will be given the opportunity to couple up first. 

Many fans have now been speculating that Konnor will steal Grace from her partner Joey, as the pair have been hinting at a connection. The Sun has also reported that some Islanders have been left “really unhappy” after the latest recoupling.

Elsewhere in the teaser, old love triangles have been reformed as Jess speaks to Uma about considering a second chance with Ronnie, despite his continued connection with Harriett. 


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“A smidge of me today was thinking there’s a potential that I would be willing to explore something, but just the way that he’s had that conversation with [Harriett] and so openly just after the things she said to him,” Jess explained.

“The fact that he’s so easy to forgive that, that just puts me off straight away. Like, he doesn’t need to put any work in now because it’s exactly where he wants to be,” she added.

Following the first look teaser, many Love Island fans have been expressing their thoughts and theories ahead of the upcoming episode.

“Please let Konnor choose Grace, let’s see if Joey has the same energy for Konnor that he did for Omar,” one fan teased on Instagram.

“Jess, even you considering Ronnie after he has moved mad makes no sense,” another argued.

“The fact Jess, Harriett and Ronnie are all somewhat back where they started is jokes,” a third fan added.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.