Excited! Malteasers BUTTONS are launching in Ireland this summer

Is there anything better than a lil bag of delicious Malteasers? 

Whether you munch them, or eat the chocolate off them first, and then devour the malty goodness – they're just excellent.

And as much as we ADORE the classic Malteaser, we also love the bars, bunnys and ice cream.

So with that, we are proud to inform you that there's a new member of the Malt family – the Malteasers Buttons.

I know, it's pretty overwhelming. 

We first saw these delicious beauties on Instagram, when Productsinstore shared an image of the new product.

The account stated that the new Maltesers buttons will be out next month in the UK.

This peaked my curiosity, so I decided to get in touch with my good pals over at Malteasers. 

It was GOOD NEWS. 

i love lucy chocolate GIF by Cheezburger

"We’re very excited to confirm that Maltesers Bites will be launching exclusively in Ireland this summer!"

Not half excited as we are, let me tell you!

I have no other information for you right now, but I promise once these babies are launched, I will do a very large taste test.

I reckon these may become a new Irish fave!