English actor and girlfriend involved in Los Angeles car crash


Comedy actor and co-creator of The Office Stephen Merchant is lucky to be alive today after a car crash in Los Angeles.

Stephen and his actress girlfriend Hayley Atwell were driving down Melrose Avenue when the collision occurred, but luckily the pair both walked away unharmed. 

It's thought Hayley's Audi collided with another vehicle in the crash, and although both vehicles were damaged no drivers or passengers sustained any serious injuries. 

Stephen and Hayley were seen exchanging a relieved hug as they exited their car. Ever the English gent, Stephen even bought coffee and cakes for driver and passengers of the other car while they waited for police to arrive. 

The couple, who have been together since 2013, live together in Stephen's $3 million Los Angeles home.

So far they have kept quiet about the crash on social media but onlookers have confirmed Stephen's car was towed at the scene.

We're glad to hear nobody was seriously hurt!