Empowering campaign features stunning shots of disabled women

A new campaign aims to "turn the traditional sense of beauty upside down" with a series of gorgeous images of physically disabled women, posing with and without their wheelchairs.

The project, called Raw Beauty NYC, features 20 different women with disabilities. It was started by former model Wendy Crawford, who was hit by a drunk driver in her 30s and is now a quadriplegic.

One of the women involved described the campaign as an opportunity for those involved to "showcase who they are beyond the wheelchair."

Each photo is different, portraying the women exactly as they wished to be seen.

Photographer Walter Chin said the project was about more than just the 20 females involved. "To me, this campaign is telling 20 stories of inspiration through the lens of a camera to encourage millions of women worldwide to join the Raw Beauty movement," he said.

See the campaign video below: