Eight signs that you’re a shameless coffee addict!

There is no great joy in life than a fresh cup of coffee, but just how addicted are you?

Here are some key signs that you should just call it a day and start investing all of your earnings in Nescafé shares…

1. You make a cup on auto pilot the second you get up
It wouldn't be morning without coffee!

2. You're pretty much a walking zombie til that first sip
You can't be help responsible for anything you say/do before you get your fix.

3. You lust after fancy Nespresso machines like other people lust after clothes
Think of all those pods waiting to be used…

4. You spend more on coffee than food or clothing in any given month
It's a fact.

5. You know Starbucks is "the enemy" but you can't help but love it
Who can resist the legendary Pumpkin Spice Latte?

6. You openly judge strangers on their coffee orders
You can tell a lot about someone by their choice of brew.

7. Just the smell is enough to get you all jittery and excited

8. You tried to give it up for a day and it was a total car crash
It's just too good!