Eight feelings you’re definitely experiencing this Dry January!


It's a strange fact of life for Irish people that while we can't resist alcohol to help us through the other 11 months of the year, we shun it in favour of water and green juices during what has to be the bleakest month of all – January.

Yes, it might have seemed like a stellar idea a week ago, but as Dry January drags on the whole process is getting harder and harder.

Here are a few of the many and varied feelings you'll no doubt experience this month…

1. Confidence
"31 days without alcohol? BE GRAND. Anyone could do it! Sure it'll be February before I know it."

2. Smugness
"It's already been four days and I haven't even thought about wine. Maybe I'll give up alcohol for good? Why not? If it's this easy, like…"

3. Over-excitement
"My god, this is great! I've had a green smoothie for breakfast two days in a row, I truly am the Health Queen. Body = temple."

4. A twinge of anxiety
"God, I'd love a gin and tonic. It's only been 5 days. Meaning there's 25 left… Christ."

5. Shock
"No-one told me a night out without alcohol was this dull. What am I meant to do? Dance or something?"

6. Calmness – for a while, anyway
"One weekend down, just three to go. Oh… wait. FOUR to go. Will this hell ever end?"

7. Hope
"Dry January is just a suggestion really, isn't it? No-one actually goes the full 31 days. That'd just be madness."

8. Indifference
"Ah, whatever. 12 days? That'll do. Pass the wine."