Ed Sheeran just made the most heartbreaking confession ever


Our love for Ed Sheeran grows on a daily basis, which is why his latest comments have our hearts in absolute tatters right now.

Opening up in an interview with The Sun newspaper this weekend, the BRIT Award winner revealed that he once considered wearing a girdle because he was worried about his weight.

“I tried it on for an awards show because I was wearing a shirt and my belly just went nuts. I was just like, ‘No, this isn’t happening.’ It was like a corset,” said the 24-year-old.

Aw, Ed!

While his insight is enough to have us reaching for the tissues, thankfully Ed added that he is quite content to be ‘normal’.

“I’ve never had a six-pack and that’s like most of the guys in the world. We just want to eat burgers, not do sit-ups,” added the Don’t singer.

If you ever find yourself reaching for that girdle, Ed, just remember – to us, you are perfect!