Due date! Louis is moving to LA as he prepares to become a daddy


With the One Direction hiatus officially under way, it seems that Louis Tomlinson is planning a big move to the states to be closer to the mother of his child, Briana Jungwirth. 

While the pair are not an item, Briana is getting very close to her due date which is believed to be later this month and according to the Mirror, Louis wants to be all set up in LA before she gives birth. 

Though he is already helping out financially and has said that he thinks Briana will make "a fabulous mother," it seems the 24-year-old popstar intends to be very much a father figure for his first child. 

"Although they're not romantically involved, Louis thinks Briana is a great woman and will be a fabulous mother," a source told the Mail Online. 

"Louis has been helping Briana financially and is prepared to get stuck in with all the tasks that caring for a baby demands."

Another factor that prompted the move was Louis' blossoming relationship with American actress, Danielle Clark. 

Danielle and Louis have been getting extremely close with the 1D star reportedly having spent a lot of time with the actress and her family. 

The relationship was confirmed when the pair packed on the PDA whilst on a skiing trip in the French alps earlier this week.