Duchess of Cambridge swears by this exercise to help stay fit

We never thought we’d admit to it, but we miss the gym…

That’s right, we’re itching to go back to our weekly yoga classes, Saturday swimming sessions and mid-week workouts with our best friends.

Lockdown has left us feeling awfully sluggish, super lazy and a little bit rubbish if we’re being honest. We’ve been drinking more wine than usual (can you blame us?) and gobbling down any baked good within arm’s reach.

We need to drag or bums off the sofa and get exercising, so we’re going to follow in the footsteps of none other than The Duchess of Cambridge. The mum-of-three is super active, but doesn’t turn to complicated workout regimes to stay fit. Apparently, Kate’s go-to exercise is running!

The Duchess runs as often as she can- if only we had her motivation. According to Body and Soul, running is the ultimate full body workout.

Lydia O’Donnell, a Nike Running Head Coach, told the publication, “Running is an amazing tool to control your breathing, activate your core and build strength through these muscles. Running is an entire body workout, and the simple movement of one foot in front of the other requires engagement of many muscle groups, which over time will build significant strength.”


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One of the best things about running is it’s free! It doesn’t cost you a penny.

All you have to do is pop your runners on, stick your headphones in and run. If it’s good enough for royalty, then it’s good enough for us!