La Roche Posay’s Nutritic Intense Range

Dry skin needs extra care in winter


The harsh winter months can take its toll on your skin and make it feel tight and uncomfortable, making it important to find a skincare product that protects and soothes.

La Roche Posay’s Nutritic Intense Range provides nourishing care for dry, extremely dry and sensitive skin.

The powerful active ingredients help to reconstitute dry skin layer by layer and will relieve painful sensations caused by cracked and tight skin.

A low lipid content and a reduced barrier can leave skin vulnerable to UV rays, trauma and irritants. It can also lead to flaky and itchy sensations.

Fortunately, the ingredients in the Nutritic Intense range contain active MP lipids that help to repair the barrier function and restore skin comfort and suppleness.

People who suffer with dry skin can find it is sensitive, easily irritated and shows imperfections such as redness and dry patches.

The Nutritic Intense for dry skin offers instant comfort and absorption without being greasy or sticky while the Nutritic Intense Riche has a balm-like texture that is ultra-nourishing and cocooning for extremely dry skin.