Drink driving arrest was ‘wake-up call’ for pop star


Lee Ryan says his arrest for drink driving has been a big “wake-up call”.

The Blue singer – who was arrested on Friday on suspicion of drink driving and later charged with failure to provide a specimen and criminal damage – has admitted he has “let people down”.

He said, “I know I’ve let people down. Being arrested and ending up in a cell was the biggest wake-up call to me.

“It made me realise there is a problem I can’t keep ignoring. I need to do something about it.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star – who was also found with a controlled substance in his possession – will be going to rehab to address his issues.

He added, “Me going to rehab isn’t a cop-out. I still take full responsibility for the way I’ve behaved.

“There is nobody to blame but myself and I’m deeply ashamed of what has happened.

“I am doing this because I have finally admitted I need help. I want to stop hurting the people around me.”