Donald Trump thinks HIV and HPV are the same thing, and WOW

When you think of major world leaders, you kind of just assume they're intelligent, right?

Well, if Donald Trump has taught us anything, it is that we should never EVER assume. Ever. 

You know who is intelligent though? Bill Gates. 

And according to Bill Gates, President Trump thinks HIV and HPV are the same thing. 


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According to the Billionaire, Trump actually asked him about the difference between the two viruses on TWO separate occasions.

Bill told the story recently, during a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation staff meeting.

Video footage from the meeting was obtained by MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes – and shared on the Internet, for our viewing pleasure. 

"Both times he wanted to know if there was a difference between HIV and HPV," said Bill, remembering specifically two separate meetings with President Trump, one in December 2016 and another in March 2017.

"So, I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other." 

Yes, we are laughing.

But we're also SO worried.