Does living in a cluttered home drive creativity?

Let’s be clear about this – clutter is not junk. Clutter is just stuff, lots and lots of stuff. Sometimes you have so much stuff you can’t find your other stuff but it is certainly not rubbish, as some may say. In fact, a cluttered home may have some surprising benefits.

One study found that being in a cluttered environment forced people to think more clearly, as they tried to simplify the task at hand. Another study found that working in a cluttered office provided a more innovative atmosphere and a willingness to try new things. Working in a tidy office, on the other hand, encouraged employees to make healthier food choices and give money to charity, which certainly doesn't sound like as much fun.

Clutter also encourages us to take more risks, apparently. When 188 American students were assigned to either a clean room or a cluttered room and asked to order a smoothie, the students in the cluttered room were more adventurous in their choices.

We have to say, we are pro-clutter here in SHEmazing!, which hopefully means we’re in good company. Check out the desks belonging to these famous messy people – we’ll never put our stuff in its designated place again!

Albert Einstein


Tina Fey


Rohal Dahl


Mark Zuckerberg


Steve Jobs