Do you do the same thing for lunch everyday? It can tell a lot about you

Lunch habits vary widely from person to person.

Some people might do the same thing everyday and then there's the ones that change things up a bit depending on their mood/weather/financial situation.

But whatever you're into, it turns out that your lunch habits can actually tell a lot about you.

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Research from the University of Central Lancashire claims that it can be broken down into four personality traits.

If you take as long as you can on your lunch break and don't stick to a routine, apparently you're impulsive.

However, if you eat at your desk, and talk to other collegues during your lunch break, you're a conformist.

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The socially savvy of us typically head to the employees' kitchen or eating area, and see work as a "social scene."

And, if you rush out to grab a bit to eat during the day, but put in extra hours in work, you're a perfectionist.

The sun is going to be partially shining this week, so it looks we might be a bit impulsive here in Shemazing HQ.