Did this Vampire Diaries actress hide her secret wedding from us?

We turn our backs for one minute, and actress Bonnie Bennett gets married without telling us.

The Vampire Diaries actress appeared on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards last night flashing another sparkler alongside her engagement diamond.

Bonnie, who was joined by her fiancé – or perhaps new husband – Cottrell Guidry at the ceremony, had let slip a few months back that her wedding would be “any day now.”

Asked in January when her special day was, the 24-year-old said, “Pretty soon. Next time you see me I might be a married woman. Any day now.”

If that ring is anything to go by, she’s pulled the wool over our eyes and tied the knot in secret.

The actress seemed more than happy to show off her wedding finger for the cameras along with a very happy smile.

What a tease!