Destiny’s Child star arrested for disorderly conduct!


Former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin has been arrested for disorderly conduct in South Carolina.

The details as to what exactly she was doing are still unknown, though sources have said that alcohol was involved.

Hours before her arrest she had posted a photo of herself relaxing on the beach so we’re not sure what happened after the photo was taken to have things go so drastically wrong. She has been released on bail since so we hope she’s getting herself sorted out!

Farrah got the boot from Destiny’s Child in the year 2000 after failing to show up at several gigs and promotional events. She obviously hasn’t had the best of luck since as she was arrested back in 2011 for disorderly conduct aswell.

It can’t be easy seeing your former band mates leading successful careers after you messed up your own, but drinking so much that you end up being arrested is definitely not the way to make amends! Cringe!