Designer responds to Iggy Azalea after she slams their collaboration


When it was announced that Iggy Azalea would be teaming up with footwear giant Steve Madden on a shoe collection, she was ecstatic.

However, this week, things took a dramatic turn when images from the new campaign were leaked – and Iggy was not a happy camper!

Claiming that she had been “bamboozled” by Madden, and slamming the images, the star unleashed her fury on the company in a very public and dramatic fashion.

Despite later taking to her social media channels to take back everything she said, it seems like the damage has been done for shoe designer Steve!

Madden addressed Iggy’s epic rant during an interview this weekend in which he put on a diplomatic front, but judging by his comments we may not be seeing a second collaboration from this pair.

“She’s under a lot of pressure, and I think it was terrible what she did, but she’s a great artist. It was an outburst, a temper tantrum, and she’s over it. The damage is done a little bit but I still love her,” said Madden.


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When asked if he would work with Iggy again, Madden was cagey: “Well, we’d probably have to go to couple’s counselling. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world, and when you get somebody in this moment, you open yourself up to a lot of stuff.”

We’re still trying to find out exactly what she was so offended by!