Décor dreaming: 10 bookshelves we need in our future adult home

To be perfectly honest, I spend a humiliating amount of dreaming about my future home. 

I scroll and scroll through Pinterest, thinking about all the wonderful ways I will furnish my house. 

The house that I'll probably never be able to afford FYI, as a result of those pesky prices. 

Anyway, a gal can dream, and so I do! 

One thing I always imagine having in my humble abode? A majestic book case, filled with wonderful stories, old and new. 

I think I was initially inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but we'll start with a shelf, and maybe after a while I can get my library.

So without further adieu, here are some of my favourite book cases on the Internet: 




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Home libraries - this one is amazing but there are others that are more achievable.


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